Here at CineScene, we are dedicated to bringing you not only the best movie coverage we can provide, but also the most useful.  Sometimes, preparing an article or writing a review requires that extra something--the extra courage required to say, "One for Blue Streak;" the extra strong stomach needed to watch Kevin Costner pitch; or the extra self-respect not to go see Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box, no matter how much our readers may beg us to.  Along with this dedication to quality comes a willingness to sacrifice--certainly not our standards (see Siegfried and Roy above), but our time.  Nowhere has this sacrifice been more noticeable for me than in preparing this article.

The Highly Interactive and Fairly Comprehensive Slasher Film Cheat Sheet

That's right.  Ive watched seven Halloween films, nine Friday the 13th films, and seven A Nightmare on Elm Street films with the sole purpose of condensing nearly 36 hours of madness into one easy to swallow installment.  In fact, youll notice that each film is presented in its own compact form so as to allow you, the reader, to print the forms and carry them with you.  Never again will you start talking about Friday the 13th , part VI when everyone else was talking about part IV.  No more playing the wall flower while others enjoy lengthy conversations about their personal favorite.  Now, you can put an end to those high brow stares from your film professor as you unravel for him or her the narrative complexities of each series, emphasizing the various literary and religious allusions for those who have the patience to find them.

That said, let us begin.