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DVD Spotlight:
Requiem for a Dream


What was considered to be one of the most controversial films of 2000 has continued to generate controversy with its release to home video in 2001. The film was submitted to the MPAA prior to its theatrical release and was very quickly given an NC-17. When asked to recut the film for an R, Aronofsky refused, a decision which immediately limited the amount of exposure the film would get nationally. For the home video release, the film was trimmed and resubmitted so as to receive an R rating. Both the rated and unrated cuts are available, though the rated cut was done completely without Aronofsky's participation.

Movie-a review of the film itself
Video--comments on the visual style of the film and the quality of the DVD transfer
Audio--the role of sound and the DVDs 5.1 audio track
Extras--comments on the supplements and other items of interest.

Ed Owens

CineScene, 2001




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