by Mark Ashley

The sun is too hot. No one can be told about the Matrix. But it's just a girl, he can't have changed that fast. Just follow the white rabbit. You can't make me love you. I'm not the one. The car crashes into the truck. The helicopter splashes into the building. The rag doll. The red pill. What is the nature of reality?

They used to think that you could cure insanity by throwing the patient into a snake pit, that something that would drive a normal person insane could do the opposite to a mad person.

The dream behind the real world, the world behind the dream. The Snake Pit, The Matrix, The Word of God, Zone Six. I can only show you the door. You don't have to understand the nature of your illness to defeat it. The difference between 5% and 10%. Who is mad and who is sane? Dr. Kick and Morpheus, Neo and Hester.

After a while all the nurses blend into one. All the insanities merge until only the divide remains. The red or the blue, awake or asleep. Ward 1 or Ward 20. Or just the snake pit.

My face is wet, but I'm not sure if it's blood, sweat or tears. It seems I chose a bad day to give up reality.

Mark Ashley