Videos Unlimited
by Lovell Mahan-Moutaw

If you collect movies but have difficulty finding some titles at the local mall or video rental store, go to:
or call 1-800-4-MOVIES and order (for $9.95 plus $3 shipping) the Movies Unlimited catalogue. I wouldn't usually advocate purchasing catalogues (it seems so odd to me to pay for a catalogue that you are going to pay to buy stuff from). However, this catalogue is 816 pages of movies at pretty good prices.

Movies Unlimited sells everything from Blonde on a Bum Trip to School House Rock to Amistad. They have video and DVD, regular pan and scan versions of each film, as well as letterbox if it is available. They have TV movies and Christmas specials and cult favorites.

The catalogue is fun to flip through. I found Christmas presents galore, some interesting stuff that I've never seen in video stores or video rental stores.

The sections include Action and Adventure, Comedy, Concerts and Music Videos, Cult Classics, Documentary, Drama, Family, Foreign, Historical and War, Horror, Lessons, Martial Arts, Musicals, Mystery and Suspense, Performing Arts, Religious, Sci-fi and Fantasy, Serials, Silent Movies, Sports, Television, Westerns and After Dark Cinema.

They have fun mini-sections with listings of the work of actors and directors and sub-genres (such as Women in Prison).

If you like to buy movies (and don't mind shelling out money to purchase a catalogue) Movies Unlimited is an excellent source.

CineScene 1999